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Dr. Foley is pleased to announce that she is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner! This allows her to comprehensively evaluate your health and offer natural solutions for healing.

What is Functional Medicine?

It is a cutting edge way of evaluating and treating patients to create optimum health and wellness, and to treat chronic disease and illness naturally with diet, lifestyle and specialized nutritional supplements. This can include conditions such as:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Menopause, hot flashes, PMS
  • Fatigue, insomnia
  • Pain, inflammation, stress
  • Depression, weight gain
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
  • Digestive problems, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome
  • Candida
  • Allergies, sinus problems
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes and hypoglycemia
  • Heart disease
  • This also includes plain just not feeling well or healthy!

What are the Benefits of using Functional Medicine?

  • It is all about getting to the cause of your health problems and not covering it up with drugs.
  • It's also about helping you not waste money, or time, by self diagnosing and taking supplements or treatment that may not be right for your body!
  • The process is about finding out what your individual body needs by doing the appropriate testing. These tests can tell the nutritional status of your body. By re-testing at a later time you can see results and positive changes in your health.
  • Functional Medicine not only treats illness or diseases that you currently have, but with the testing you can know where you are headed and can help you prevent disease!

What is the Evaluation Process?

Dr. Foley does this with a Comprehensive Health Analysis, which is a complete health work up and includes the following:

  • Initial history and exam, and recommendations for further testing- set aside 1 to 1½ hours
  • Review of your comprehensive health history and any medical records/blood tests that you provide
  • One follow up visit for going over findings (about 45 minutes), with recommendations and a written report of those findings

The first part of the Health Analysis is getting your written paper work turned in with all relevant medical records. After Dr. Foley reviews the history and records she will sit down with you and will recommend further testing to be done, such as blood, saliva, stool or urine testing.

Once the test results have been received you will have your follow up appointment with Dr. Foley. At this time you will be given a written report explaining what the tests show and what Dr. Foley's recommendations are. This will usually include diet and lifestyle changes, supplements, and possibly further testing.

How much does it Cost?

Please call the office at 303-271-1701 for the current price list.