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Testimonials from Patients

"I found Dr. Erin to be an outstanding provider of chiropractic services and acupuncture. She has the knowledge and skills in integrating both for the best outcome of the client. I recommend her services to my family and friends." - Lynn B., Nurse practitioner

"I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for the past year. I had tried custom foot supports, ultrasound, and physical therapy. Nothing relieved my symptoms. That's when I found Dr. Foley. After several acupuncture treatments, the chronic pain in my heel was gone - something I never thought possible. I still see Dr. Foley after my running events, more as a preventative measure. She has truly enabled me to continue my active lifestyle.

I recommend her highly!! - Sue A., Nurse

"I would recommend Dr. Erin Foley for all of your chiropractic and acupuncture needs. Erin has helped me many times." - Edna M., Small business owner

"Dr. Erin Foley has been a tremendous help for my back issues. I highly recommend her for any chiropractic or acupuncture needs you may have. She is terrific and will make the pain go away." - Denise W., CEO

"Dr. Erin is caring and knowledgeable. She continues to provide excellent service to our family." - Juliana B., HR Director